Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Things

Well, it's time for the weekend. And honestly, I'm really glad to see it here. More glad to see a weekend than normal. This week has been kinda stressful in different ways but all is good, because God is faithful.

I'm doing my top five again for this week! I thought this was a cute idea at first just to share some special moments from the week, but considering this week, it's a good reminder to me to look at the blessings that happened to me this week instead of dwelling on anything negative.


#1 *Best Thing*  I talked to my daddy on skype for about an hour this week. Even being a thousand miles away, he always has the right things to say and knows how to make me feel better.

#2 My friend lent me a dress for a birthday party that I'm going to tonight since I hadn't packed anything of the semi-formal category when I moved up here. I went to hang it up in my closet and lo and behold! I had packed something! One of my faves - a navy blue number that I love. The thing is though...I don't remember packing it!  (do you believe in packing fairies...)

#3 Found this in my purse 

#4 Found out something exciting this week about next week. I'm not sure I can say what it is yet but I will let you know soon! :)

# 5 Rediscovered this duo - Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Check out this music video. Its pretty spectacular. 

Did you have a good week??

*original painting by Anna Tooze - you can find her work here

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