Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for April, Alleluia, and Awesome

April will be Awesome. The end.

Ok, so maybe not..

Since it is the first of April, it's traditional to do some kind of prank on people to fool them. Most people try and fool me. It never works though, because I'm too attuned to what day it is and I tend not to believe anything that seems too good to be true, or outlandish, or even the slightest bit off.

Does this mean I have trust issues? Yes.

But only one day a year.

There is something about starting a month on a Sunday that I really like. Sunday worship sets the tone for my week and I feel like starting out the month on a Sunday sets it up to be an awesome month.

Another reason April will be awesome is because my parents and sibs are coming!    They'll be here Tuesday and stay through the following week.  :-)   Squee!

*ahem* And now, I must go needs clean my room...

I just spent 20 minutes on Facetime with my Dad going through my closet so I could 'show' him some things I need them to bring up for me. Never thought I'd see the day with my dad rummaging through my dresses and shoes for me...  :)

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