Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Anyone that knows me knows that I call all horses "Pony". Regardless of how big or small, old or young, it's a "Pony". Don't ask me where I started that. Probably somewhere about the same time I started calling all dogs "puppy" and all cats "kitten" again, regardless of gender, size, or age.

So when I say I got a pony this past week, what I really am trying to describe to you is an almost 16 hand BLM Mustang gelding that is 12 years old. He's built like a tank and somewhat resembles a draft cross. The freeze brand on his neck and his owner tell otherwise. 

Occasionally I've been telling people that I got a boyfriend. And that he's tall, muscular, and black. And then stand there in amusement as they try to rationalize if I'm being racist or if I'm just making things up. (Why would I make stuff up?) And then I tell them he's got a nice tail...that really throws them for a loop. By then I'm usually laughing too much and the gig's up. 

20 years, people. That's how long I've waited for this. I don't know when I specifically wanted a horse but I do remember very clearly being 7 years old and declaring I was going to be a jockey when I grew up. Thank you, Marguerite Henry. I was 10 when I realized I was going to be too tall and those dreams crashed down only to arise like a phoenix into a more glorious vision...ok, so maybe not like a phoenix...but I did decide to be a trainer and have my own horse. 

I'm still working on the owning part - I lease him right now, but that's almost as good. His owner has done a fantastic job in training and now I get to pick up and continue on. I've got some amazing people behind me as I go forward and I'm excited for this year. 

PS - his name is Logan. If you're following me on Instagram or Twitter, he's got his own hashtag. #loganthemustang   - yes, he's that cool. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

For my sister Olivia

Because we share a mutual obsession love for all things Robin Hood - I made this for you. Because I love you.  The End. :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brains, Music, and A Challenge

So I heard this on the radio and I’ve already been kind of doing something like this. But I wanted to share this challenge with the rest of you.  But first let me offer a little background and preface this challenge if you will.

The brain is an amazing gift. I don’t know what the actual numbers are but it’s said that it takes at least 20 times for us to hear something new for it to be memorized in our brains. Clearly I didn't listen to it long enough to remember the real numbers. J Our brains can recall details (significant or otherwise) in nano-seconds. We have thoughts that run all day long (some of us into the night). It never shuts off.

 How often have I turned on the radio and started singing along with whatever song was on and not paid any attention to what the words were actually saying? Or how many times have I been in a bad mood or felt sad, alone, or angry and listened to music that did nothing to uplift me or worse, perpetuate that mood.  And when I’m alone or there’s no music present I found myself dwelling on those songs, those words that I had heard over and over and over again. Those were the words I had running on an endless loop in my head.  The comfort and solace I was seeking in these songs were not the words that had been promised to me by my Savior. 

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, oh Lord, my strength  and my Redeemer.”  Ps 19:14 

I decided to switch over to the Christian station for a while and listen to that. Within a few days, I had new songs and words running through my head. Even in struggle and my moments of sadness or irritation, I had a sweeter song to sing. Words of truth. Words of life. Words that remind me who I am and what I am in Christ. God gives us Christian brothers and sisters to lift us up, to encourage us in our faith and to help us walk a little straighter. I like to think that my brothers and sisters in the Lord on the radio are helping me in that way, and even if we don't have a personal relationship, we are still part of a community in Christ. How cool is that?! J

Here is where the challenge comes in. The next 30 days I am leaving my radio on the Christian station. I will not be listening (voluntarily) to the other stations I like (Country, popular, etc.) I challenge you to try this. Try it and see if your attitude and life doesn’t change a little. If you’re at all like me and you get easily dragged down in the cares of the world, worry plagues you, or even if you’re just having a bad day, don’t switch to that Adele song that makes you feel even more sad and justified in your moodiness.

There are a few songs that I have heard over the past few weeks that have so blessed my soul that I just want to share this joy with others! I can’t keep this to myself! J I want to see others uplifted in their hearts and minds because they are being refreshed with encouraging words as well. 
Along with my challenge, I am going to try and at least twice a week, post a song, lyrics, youtube video, etc from an artist that I have enjoyed and I hope it blesses you  too!!

Today’s song is from an artist named Jason Gray. The song is called “Remind Who I Am”. It’s a beautiful thing to know and be reminded that no matter what, regardless of what comes, who tries to hurt us, nothing can separate us from Christ – we are HIS! With His blood He bought us and nothing will break that bond!  
The words of the chorus are  “Tell me, once again, who I am to You, who I am to You. Tell me lest I forget, who I am to You, that I belong to You.”  **Click on the song title to follow to the youtube link** 

“For I am persuaded that death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth nor any other thing created will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8: 38-39  

If you feel like participating in this challenge with me, let me know! I'd love to hear from you - facebook me or email me or leave me a comment! I'd love to hear how you've been encouraged! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Over But Not Yet Gone

Every year our church takes a week and goes down to Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast for the annual church retreat forever immortalized as RCC Family Camp.  Family Camp. It’s a phrase that when spoken brings a smile to the face, joy to the heart and a veritable wellspring of happy memories. It’s a time of fellowship with the Saints, learning new Psalms and songs that stretch our mediocre singing skills, and teaching from God’s word that refreshes and inspires us. The weeks (and months) prior to Camp every year have an air of excitement and expectancy of what will surely be "The Best Camp Ever".  :)  Personally, this year did not fail in it's expectations. 

Toby Sumpter was our main speaker this year and brought to us messages about the childishness and childlikeness of Christ and what it means to be the Children of God. Children – that’s kind of what being at Camp is like for many: it’s a sense of being carefree and childlike. I think in many ways it’s how we should live our lives all the time. In Jesus we have eternal life. That means we’ll always be young – because we’re God’s kids.  

There’s a sense of childish abandon; God says “Let’s go! I’ve got you still!” The children of God know they are safe under the wings of the Father. And when you’re safe, you’re invincible. You are invincible against all the dragons of this world because the great dragon has been crushed. Jesus has won. What’s the worst the world can do? Kill us? So what…He’s got me…He’s going to raise me up.  Let’s go.

Camp is over. The sun has set on this week. But the time is not over.  The magic and memories will live on until next year when new ones are forged around the bonfires on the beach, built in the castles on the sand, and written on our hearts with new songs of praise to our God.  

Now I’m home with sand still between my toes, a song in my throat, memories in my mind, and a heart full of joy and love for my people and King.  I’ve been inspired to fight on – taming and slaying the dragons; exploring this treasure trove of Jesus’ kingdom and freely sharing my love for Him with everyone.

Family Camp isn’t over. Not really. It’s just beginning. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I think I got bloggered-out by the A-Z challenge (which, yes I know, I didn't finish *hangs head in shame*)

My brain has been going in about a zillion-trillion-gabillion different directions this past couple weeks as most evident in my choice of music. Yesterday it was Cee Lo, Eminem, Tao Cruz and today it's Streisand, Sinatra and the man Dean Martin. Um...yeah. Tomorrow will probably be something like Mozart and Bach and then it'll be Carbon Leaf, The Killers, with a touch of something Celtic thrown in, then we'll probably move on to something like Miranda Lambert, Josh Turner and George Strait by Friday.

Speaking of Frietag; that's my last day at work here in Canada Land. I'm not going to lie and say it'll be grand all fine - I actually spent some time crying over it last night. More over the fact that I'm leaving in general. I didn't think I would get so attached to being here. Well, I knew I'd get attached to the adorable, troublesome, loud, goofy, and absolutely too-cute to handle, smoochable boys I live with. THAT was a given. But leaving is harder than I thought. I'm trying not to get too emotional about it but I'm failing. Miserably.

The logical part of my brain says it's all going to be ok - I'm not dead nor is the city of Grande Prairie and the people within that I've grown to know and love, going to be suddenly blotted off the face of the earth. "Get a grip"  says the logical part.

But the other part of my brain knows how attached I've become. I used to think that I could steel myself against the pains of goodbyes or loneliness somehow. Now I know the pain is because I do feel things. And I'm ok with that. It means that God's given me a heart that is open and yet full. I don't want to get a grip. So there. *heart part sticks tongue out at brain part*

The best part of this whole thing? I've had experiences and been blessed by so much. I've opened up to new possibilities. I've learned more about my Heavenly Father and found a deeper love for my Savior and an excitement over who HE is and what He can and is doing in my life.

There are so many good things that have come out of me being up here. So many new and deeper friendships - it's still so cool to me that God never puts limits on how many friends we get to make in our lifetimes. That just makes me smile.

Things I'm excited for this coming week:

Finishing my last class with the therapeutic riding center - so excited to see how far my 'mentoree' has come these past few months! :)

Packing for FAMILY CAMP!!!! Bring on the beach and sun and sand (and possibly rain) and loud fun, long talks, late big bonfires and laughing and hugging and singing and dancing and absolute being ridiculous and glorying and relishing this awesome crazy life our Lord has given us!