Tuesday, April 24, 2012

R is for Ristupidiculous and S is for Splendiferous

I'm a fan of made up words. :)   These are two of my favorites.

Ristupidiculous: when something is both stupid and ridiculous; saying this just make you feel a little more emphatic when trying to convey the idea that something is beyond ridiculous and stupid. Trust me.

Splendiferous: splendid and wonderous/wonderful. Again, another great word that just has that little extra 'umph' to it. Plays well with sarcasm.


Jenny said...

Great words! Sometimes, you have to make up your own to get just the right one. I will remember these.

Jeremy Bates said...

I love some sarcasm at appropriate times. God knows I am used it all too frequently and paid the price. I may have to borrow that last word just for a jab. lol Thanks.

mare ball said...

Great words. My daughter created "dizzyating." Maybe these words will make it into the dictionary someday. :-)

Tammy said...

What a great word! "ristupidiculous"
I'll be using that one!