Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's me...again...

Hello there, thanks for stopping by!  Welcome to my new and improved spot on the web! It's really nothing new in the vast field of bloggology, but it could be interesting. And then again, it could sputter and disintegrate into that pathetic landfill of neglected and unread blogs. We'll see. I'm ever the optimist.

Do you ever hate filling out those "about me" sections online? I do. I never know what to say in 1200 characters or less...it's a genetic issue I'm sure. :^) I started this new blog to tell my story. Thoughts on life, stuff I love. I like other people's stories (probably why I enjoy reading blogs...) And I like my story. Ok, so I don't like every single aspect of it, but it's still mine. It's full of people, places and just stuff! :^) And this is where I'm going to put it!

Things I love #1: Blue Jeans and boots - particularly my own - who cares about a little dirt! 

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Connie said...

I like your story too Rachel...I'm confident God is going to continue to write His amazing love all over it to the very end. Looking forward to what you share here, as a fellow blog-reading friend.