Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yesterday Gram and I hit the streets of Cincy to see what we could see. Of course, it had to rain, so we diverted our original plans of tall-building visiting, etc. Instead we went to the Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati. I'd never been and it was a fascinating and extremely sobering look at our country's history. I learned things I hadn't before. It was another of those moments for me where I realized that all the studying in the world and all the movies and all the replicas built will never be enough to make those of us who didn't live in those times understand what those who did, went through. I had a few such moments in Poland when visiting some of the WWII memorials. While I can't fully understand the experience of those involved in the Underground Railroad and all the turmoil that was involved, I can still be thankful for the life and gifts I have been given through God's grace.
Freedom Flame 

Gram and I did enjoy the museum and afterwards hit Skyline Chili for some lunch. If you haven't experienced a 5-way - I'm sorry for you.  Being that it was so late in the afternoon when we ate, I had a 5-way and a Coney-Dog. :^) And I was happy.  (The pic is a little blurry - I was using an unfamiliar camera)

 5-way = Spaghetti, Skyline Chili, Beans, Onions and CHEESE! 

Other photos I took - so gloomy out

PNC Bank Building 

Another cool tall building 

The John Roebling Bridge - prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge  

Over the bridge into Kentucky

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