Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kinesthetic

Have you ever taken one of those "What Kind of Learner Are You" tests? I've done a couple, and most of my results come out to show that I am a highly kinesthetic learner and a moderately visual learner.

I really like being able to do things with my hands - to touch, see and feel, what I'm doing.
In school, I was loved all my lab sessions and activities for all classes, from biology, chemistry, to my horse science and beyond.

 I love "how-to" books and projects that have photo guides.  I think this might be one reason why I love Pinterest so much...there's lots of DIY projects and ideas. I'm pretty creative and crafty and love making things.

What about you? Do you know your learning style?


Magic27 said...

I have a very visual memory - if I see something written down, I'll remember it.
My visual memory was the only real reason I ever passed chemistry exams at school; I just learned everything by heart and the regurgitated it during the exam. As an exam technique it worked great, but it was rubbish way of developing knowledge of chemistry!
Now, I'm a translator and everyone seems to confuse that with interpreter. I translate written words (articles, correspondence, literature, brochures, websites...) because a) that's what I do and b) I remember words from past texts and how I translated them.
I could never, never be an interpreter becauase I have no audio memory at all - I also teach translation to French students and if they tell me a phrase they've translated, I'll have forgotten the second part before I've finished writing it on the board!
Interesting post!

Lisa said...

I am visual person, too! I can't listen to someone explain something, I need to SEE.

I like Pinterest for the same reasons.

Lisa, Random Ramblings