Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Canada

When I moved to Canada this past January, I realize that many of you thought this is what I live with:

You would be wrong. 


But wrong. 

Also that I live in one of these

Also wrong.

That it looks like this year round:

As cool as it would be to actually go to Narnia, we don't live here either.

So,  again wrong - sorry.

And last but not least, that I see these everyday and we hunt them regularly.

And Again. Wrong. 

The closest thing to animals I live with are these monkeys: 

They make a lot of noise and are incredibly silly 

But you can't beat the cuteness factor

And while it did look like this for a while: 

And I dressed like this occasionally 

 It now looks much more like this: 

And I have seen one moose, but generally, the closest I get to them is this: 

They are not so completely uncivilized here.

There is plenty of this to be had 

And I get to live with one of my best friends. 

She's pretty. 

So yeah. There ya be. 

In other news: the rest of my family minus one sister are on their way. They should be here tonight. 



Arlee Bird said...

I love Canada. I will be having some posts about places in Canada on my memoir blog.

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grtlyblesd said...

You mean it's NOT like Northern Exposure all the time? ;)