Thursday, March 22, 2012

26 reasons why I love Thursday

1. I just don't think that Thursday gets enough love.

2. I like the word Thursday. 

3. I think I'm going to name a cat Thursday someday. 

4. #3 had nothing to do with this list. 

5. I got a Tim Hortons coffee on my lunch today. Cue much needed caffeine boost. 

5. I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts today. It's red and black plaid in a cozy polar fleece - I call it my girly-logger sweater :)

7. I heard one of my new favorite songs on the radio on the way to work this morning - totally lifted me up!

8. I'm going to do my laundry tomorrow. Clean underwear is a good thing.

9. There are over 110 repins on this Pinterest item - it wasn't even my original idea and yet I feel so famous. 

10. My boots are like wearing slippers. That can go out in the snow.

11.  The Hunger Games movie comes out tomorrow.    SO. EXCITED.

12. I could really just stop the list there. But then again, it could end up being really lame and all my   expectations dashed to pieces...

13. Someone called my cellphone today and I got to hear my ringtone. Happiness.

14. It didn't snow more today.

15. I skipped #6 and did #5 twice...did you notice?

16. Tomorrow is payday. Huzzah

17. I saw another gray hair this morning.

18. I don't really love that about today but I needed to fill up a spot.

19. #18 has nothing to do with this list either.

20. I had a cookie today. It kinda made me feel better about the whole gray hair thing.

21. There are skeins of yarn in my closet calling out to be used up... patience...Friday is coming.

22. I'm going to sleep in tomorrow.

23. Tomorrow is Friday.

24. I can't think of 26 things.

25.  The end.

1 comment:

Lauren S. said...

Thursday would be a really cute name for a cat. :)

Yes! The Hunger Games! Very excited. :D