Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Collection of Observations After Living In Canada for Two Months

  1. Speed limits on the highways are not really limits...they're more like 'guidelines'. The same applies to  parking spots, and handicapped parking spaces. 
  2. 80mph is not fast enough on the highway. Apparently. 
  3. Your windshield will have at least 2 large rock chips in it, if not a huge crack running the entire windshield
  4. Freezing nose hairs tickle
  5. People don't panic about driving in blizzard conditions or on ice
  6. I don't panic when driving in a blizzard or on ice anymore 
  7. Don't ever tease someone by yelling "Moose!!!" while they're driving. You might be joking, but the chances of it being true are actually surprisingly high
  8. I can't get lost in this town...this is a good thing. 
  9. I need a lot more practice snowboarding. 
  10. There is an art to shoveling one's driveway. I have yet to master it. 
  11. People don't know that a Vancouver outside of British Columbia exists...Canadians get very confused when you tell them you're from Vancouver, WA...good luck with that. 
  12. Do yourself a favor and stop before all logging truck roads. 
  13. After a week of -30* (or lower) weather,  4* feels warm and makes you want to break out the tank tops and shorts. Almost.
  14. If you're in the least bit pretty, people with stare at you when you go places. I realize this might sound a bit conceited but there have been times when people stare at me like I suddenly sprouted a second nose...
  15. Canadians are nice. Mostly.  ;-) 


Claire said...

Haha, you get the flip side of the Vancouver problem... I have to tell people I'm from Vancouver, CANADA. I'm glad Canadians are being nice to you! :)

Laurie said...

I love this list! Even more, I love your sense of humor. Missing you!

Elizabeth Joy said...

Now your prepared to come to Alaska! I laughed a lot...especially on the 'moose' part, because its so familiar.

Sara The Farmerette said...

Too funny! I remember having the conversations about Vancouver too, but on the East Coast. Just tell them you come from the "original Vancouver" and that Vancouver BC only happened because the Americans kicked them out of the Oregon Territory...